Welcome to the Castle of Glass: Shyamalan’s Superhero Endgame

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Let’s just spare ourselves all the typical introduction, which reminds us of the ups and downs of M. Night Shyamalan and start with the following statement: That the anti-blockbuster „Unbreakable“, McAvoys great moment „Split“ and „Glass“ have always been planned as a trilogy – I do not believe that at all. I know that the character Kevin already existed back then and was ignored due to scriptwriting, yet I think that a virtue was made out of necessity. But with a big swing cinema!

Bruce Willis is one of my legends, not because he is one of the greatest performers of all time, but because he has been instrumental in making me a real love of cinema. All the more disappointed I finally had to find out how „tired“ he was in recent appearances. In fact, this helps him in „Glass“, because he plays his character David Dunn from „Unbreakable“ today, as then, with a frighteningly authentic melancholy. In addition there comes a Samuel L. Jackson, who can fill just about any role and perfects his diabolically fragile Mister Glass.

As much as I love my „Die Hard 3“ duo, James McAvoy steals the show for both of them. Even in „Split“ I was thrilled and wanted to learn more about the personality disturbed Kevin. In fact, „Glass“ looks like a „Split“ sequel, as McAvoy gets more screentime than the other two „lead actors“. It is amazing with what precision and enthusiasm the most diverse personalities are presented almost every second. On. Point! Et cetera.

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Did I ever doubt that all three films had always been planned as a trilogy? Maybe, but I do not care. Shyamalan proves absolute instinct and weaves his stories together so skillfully that it does not bother me. On the contrary. Here and there, the script makes it a bit too simplistic, but never in an embarrassing way. The storylines are an entertaining middle finger in the direction of a comic blockbuster and yet never to boring. In addition, it must be mentioned that even the most important minor characters including original actors were persuaded to this film, committed and very suitable installed.

I just like the fresh approaches Shyamalan uses to tackle the mainstream-spoiled superhero genre and miss the whole thing in spite of fictitious (or not fictional?) moments of authenticity. Just dealing with the imminent mega-showdown deserves a few pat on the back. What was that again? The original superheroes had no supernatural abilities and were later only oversubscribed? This statement bites like a thread through the film and yes, that will not please everyone. I enjoy it.

When many more faces are important

It is also interesting how little „Glass“ is in „Glass“. But more on that later. Anyway, a surprising number of characters are very important for the overall picture and the new one, Sarah Paulson, will certainly have a hard time to please all fans of the series. Because her figure seems not only annoying endeavors to be fairness and psychology, no. She will also be brought into focus later, and that’s exactly when you’ve already forgot about her role. It is very difficult not to spoil this movie and so I leave it with that Mister Glass is not here in the foreground – but he has a plan. And this plan must share the finish with another Shyamalan twist on the podium. Tricky. I think it’s great.

Even if you do not like all the movies in this series, Split fans will definitely get their money’s worth. I personally like the overall style, the courage and the entertainment factor. „Glass“ will not please everyone, for me it’s already an annual highlight and more superhero than the aqua, iron and spidermans of this world will ever be.

You can find my German review of Glass HERE.

Ich möchte meine Leidenschaft für Filme mit Euch teilen. Es gibt so viele spannende, interessante Werke, die viel zu wenig Beachtung geschenkt bekommen. Manchmal braucht ein stark kritisierter Film einen Verteidiger. Andere gehypte Filme müssen dagegen auch mal hinterfragt werden. Filme müssen Spaß machen.

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